I'm Andy.
Designer, Doodler, Brand Maker & Builder of Digital Experiences.

For the last 12 years I have worked in Agencies providing creative UI and UX solutions for clients ranging from multinational organisations to independent artisans. This site features a small selection of my freelance project work.
Full portfolio available upon request.


Lindy Wheeler

While at F2B, I worked alongside Lindy to bring to life her educational course in psychotherapy. This involved creating a brand character and then illustrating and storyboarding that into the website, literature, courses and numerous other platforms.

Jolliff Developments

Logo and brand build for Jolliff Developments, specialising in the restoration and renovation of period properties.


Blue Emerald

I worked with Blue Emerald to create their logo and brand from scratch, developing a look and feel which was then applied to all printed matter and finally the website, which I also built.


Branding & design completed for Pure apparel; an extreme sports clothing and accessories company. I designed the logo suite and am currently developing the website, app and marketing material.


Monster Mayhem Unlimited

Full branding and product design for the Monsters of Mayhem, including character design, photography, app and game concepts.