Monster Mayhem Unlimited

Let me introduce you to Monster Mayhem Unlimited! These little critters have been in development since 2008 when it was about time to try bringing a design into real life. I’ve got a whole load of ideas and sketches down for comic book characters, designs and just general things – but the ones that really jumped out of the page with potential to be a success over a number of levels as well as models were these little monsters.

Having always been a big fan of stop motion modelling, like The Trapdoor and Morph; little clay figures jumping about with character making funny noises and doing funny stuff, I envisaged something similar but a bit more mischievous.

To bring the monsters to life I worked with a friend, who took my pages of sketches and reference material away to his workshop and carved away at resin blocks in the evenings to produce the first prototype; we were pretty happy with it straight away so we went to paint > total black.

At this point, I’d refined a whole army of sketches and ideas of monsters with varying qualities, we decided we’d need a couple more to complete a showcase set for promotional purposes. Out of the 40+ monsters we settled on Cruncher and Voodoo, as they were sufficiently different and displayed the most striking characteristics for something like a game or an animation.

We did think on different colours, but as a set, all of the monsters were deemed to be stronger if they were uniform black, with the shapes doing the work. Again, I’m a big fan of the power of simple black and white design and artwork, especially comics book art, and I think this really amplifies massively with good 3d.

More mayhem coming shortly.