Tween City!

Greensock have recently released version 11 of their very excellent Actionscript animation platform. I’ve used pretty much all of the tween engines out there on various Flash projects, and In my opinion Greensock’s latest update puts it in the lead by a long way. So many different versions, cool effects and bolt-on options depending on the kind of project you’re working on; only want simple tweens for those byte-restrictive banners? TweenLite (at 5k) will do the trick. TweenMax takes care of those bigger projects where more complex and snazzy animations are needed. Amongst the raft of cool add-ons (don’t get me started on the awesome directional motion blur…) come the much anticipated sequence building functions, you now have TimelineMax for some very powerful sequencing and multiple group tweens… this really is an animators dream come true, well worth the donation fee and essential for Actionscripting animations… check it out!